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TheDandelionProject.us is a brand new online eclectic learning platform for curious people of all ages.

Our work is rooted in the belief that people learn best when they are free to choose what and how they learn. Our experience shows us that self-directed learning thrives within a nurturing community of passionate people. TheDandelionProject.us creates community-driven access to a wide range of offerings-- made by and for the community. 


Our project aims to:

  • Cultivate a creative, inclusive digital space where people of all ages and backgrounds can dive into eclectic offerings that enrich their interests. We are starting small and will grow as our community continues to blossom.

  • Provide family-based learning opportunities that foster deeper connection and relationship within the home.

  • Share self-directed education tools and resources that make unschooling more manageable and accessible to more families. 

  • Offer compassionate support for parents who are aiming to grow in a conscious, trusting relationship with their children.


Our collective curiosity, empathy, and sharing of wisdom, passion, and ways of growing will be our community's brilliance. We hope you’ll grow with us.

What kinds of classes + Workshops + even

One of our most important intentions is to create access to classes + workshops + events that directly support our growing community!