Conscious Parenting Coaching

with Maria Hughes



  • Reparenting: how to break old cycles and parent differently

  • Communication for Connection: language and communication tools for consciously connecting with babies, toddlers and young children

  • Intentional parenting: parent how you intend to - learn what triggers you and how to emotionally regulate yourself in those tough moments; build confidence in your respectful parenting choices


Coaching can be used however you need! Join Maria once to unpack a recent parenting challenge, or schedule multiple sessions together to really dig into your healing + growing journey.

Meet with Maria to discuss:

Maria (she/her) connected to conscious parenting through an intensive RIE course, where she gained a greater understanding of the short and long term benefits of conscious parenting for both children and parents.  Maria believes that emotional validation is vital for healthy parent/child connection, and this belief informs how she sees and interacts with children and supports parents.  Maria co-founded the non-profit [Lilypad in Philly],  and has hosted playgroups for parents with young children, continuing more than an 8 year journey of working with families around conscious parenting practices.

Questions? Email Maria directly at