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Wild School Part Time Facilitators (2):

Wild School @ FDR Park is looking for creative, energetic people committed to supporting autonomous, self-directing children in an outdoor environment.  Facilitators must believe in every person’s ability and right to direct their own learning and should be fascinated by all the different ways people interact with each other and their environment.  Wild School facilitators act as models, space-holders, and mentors of self-directed learning and intentional culture creation. Above all, facilitators need to be grounded in the perspective of trusting children and committed to fostering curiosity.


2021-22 is a pilot year for the program, and we will cap enrollment to 25 kids ages 5-12. We are looking for two facilitators to join our team, and we are looking for folks interested in building and growing this program into a full-time school option-- so full-time employment and leadership opportunities are a possibility in the future. 


Facilitators will work closely with program directors (Hannah and Lauren) on building and growing this school community. We are invested in growing as co-conspirators in antiracism, rejecting white supremacy culture, and recognizing and growing from our shortcomings and blindspots. Committed to fostering a racially equitable and inclusive school community, we encourage BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) applicants to apply. 

Working at Wild School will fill you up if...

You are a passionate, curious, and joyful person with a variety of interests and abilities that you would enjoy sharing with young people through offerings made at our Set-the-Week meeting and through spontaneous, self-organized activities.


You have experience cultivating authentic, respectful, and partnership-based relationships with people of all ages.


You are ready to dive in to help create and grow with an intentional school community around education transformation, racial equity and inclusion, and environmental stewardship.


You are, yourself, self-directed: You don’t need to be told what to do in order to be productive in your role; you can notice what needs to be done and take action, while communicating effectively with team members along the way.


If these ideas resonate with you, let’s talk!

Facilitator job responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Lead daily intention and reflection meetings in a small group setting.  Model, mentor, and support individuals and the group as they participate in the cycle of intention and reflection.

  • Model, mentor, and support children in intentional community building. This includes supporting children as they navigate conflicts, organize around projects or interests, etc.

  • Collaborate with students to create community safety norms. This includes ensuring that students understand and are reminded of safety agreements.

  • Support the learning interests of a diverse body of young people.  Recognize when a young person's curiosity represents a desire for deeper exploration or investigation of a topic. Offer opportunities and experiences when appropriate.

  • Practice “maximum support with minimal interference” as the adult presence.  Create a practice of reflecting on the power adults have over young people and define clear ways to empower them instead.

  • Ability to be agile and responsive to the dynamic learning environments

  • Act as host in all aspects of the school: connecting learners, welcoming volunteers, introducing learners to the community, and facilitating parent involvement with the school

  • Manage general communication between the school and learners’ parents


Additional leadership responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Daily operation and administration of the Wild School Program including attendance taking, communication with parents, leading, mentoring and holding firm to Community Agreements

  • Ensure continued growth and integrity of the program

  • Participate in weekly facilitator meetings

  • Ensure opening and closing procedures are carried out  

  • Ensure daily offerings are led by one of the facilitators or a volunteer

  • Implement and refine practices to be responsive to the needs of the learning community

Hours + Compensation

This is a part-time position from 8:30am-3:30pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. We value the people who are joining us in this work, and aim to pay all employees a salary that reflects that. As a brand new program, we can commit to paying $20/hour. Compensation will be reviewed regularly and will grow alongside our school. Facilitators may have the opportunity to opt into an After Care role for additional hours and compensation.

Reach out to Program Directors, Lauren and Hannah, with any questions at wild@thedandelionproject.us

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