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PA Homeschool + Unschool Evaluations

We are committed to supporting homeschooling and unschooling families across PA with a straightforward, no-nonsense interpretation of the law and compassionate + supportive approach to end-of-year evaluations.


Our team of passionate evaluators has a wide-range of background experience (elementary, secondary, + special ed), and our evaluation services are 100% virtual this year, making it possible for us to support any family across PA. We've got this!

Evaluations: What to Expect

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Our goal is to help families feel confident about meeting

PA homeschool requirements.

NOTE: 2020-21 Evaluation Schedule FULL

PA Homeschool + unschool evaluations (1)

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Families can access year-round support from experienced educators, homeschool evaluators, and community members leading SDE spaces. This is a place for us to come together and do the work together around deschooling, healing and growing as parents, and showing up as conscious partners in our young peoples' lives. We will also center community growing experiences around racial equity and inclusion, environmental stewardship, and intentional community-building.

We hope you'll grow with us.

PA Homeschool + Unschool Support Membership


[Sept 2021-June 2022]


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