Set the Week Calendar

Updated: Jan 13

When I was teaching in a classroom, I was always concerned with and strategizing about how to be sure I was seeking out and hearing the quietest voices in the room. I had similar concerns when I began unschooling our three children in our home.

How can I see, hear, and support the interests of three different aged children?

How do I plan and prepare without sacrificing their right to self-direct?

How can I balance gathering necessary supplies for projects with spontaneity?

I first learned about Set the Week calendars from an Agile Learning Center that my oldest child attended (Philly Agile Learning Community) and thought it could be adapted to use in the home.

The Physical Board and Supplies:

Our calendar is a large, magnetic whiteboard, divided into sections using washi tape. I like that the washi tape is semi-permanent; it doesn’t wash away or smudge when we draw all over and then erase the board each week AND it’s easily peeled off when we want to redesign the board. We periodically purchase a large box of colorful dry erase markers because we do a lot of drawing and coloring coding for our pre-readers.