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Wild Seeds ALC Facilitator

Job description:

The Dandelion Project is looking for creative, energetic people, passionate about building community with unschooling youths and their families to facilitate at the Wild Seeds Agile Learning Community. Wild Seeds ALC is a part-time program for unschooling homeschoolers. Applicants should be excited about actively creating a new kind of learning space that centers self-directed learning practices embedded within a supportive and nourishing community. Facilitator applicants should also be committed to collaboratively working through the challenges and responsive shifts that come with walking the path while we are creating it.


Committed to fostering a racially equitable and inclusive unschool community, we encourage Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color to apply. 


Working at Wild Seeds ALC will fill you up if:


You are a passionate, curious, and joyful person with a variety of interests and abilities that you would enjoy sharing with young people. 


You have experience cultivating authentic, respectful, and partnership-based relationships with people of all ages.


You are ready to dive in to help create, reinforce, and grow with an intentional unschool community around transformation, liberation, racial equity and inclusion, and environmental stewardship.


You are actively UNlearning (deschooling) what most of us are taught about how and where learning happens, what learning is valuable, how learning is evaluated, and how to support young people in group settings. You are eager to partner with others in rejecting narrow, authoritarian views of how adults facilitate learning. 


You are invested in and experienced with collaboration, believe you have much to share and learn from other facilitators, and are willing to sacrifice personal power and control to include more perspectives. You see sharing and receiving feedback from other facilitators as an opportunity for personal growth.


We are looking for people with experience in:


  • Working with youths in schools or alternative settings

  • Community Organizing

  • Unschooling

  • Social Media/Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Community Healing

  • Grant writing/fundraising


Hours and Compensation:

This is a part-time position with a schedule to be determined. We value the people who are joining us in this work, and aim to pay all employees a salary that reflects that. As a new program, we can commit to paying $20/hour. Compensation will be reviewed regularly and will grow alongside our unschool. As we seek to continue growing our programming into a truly viable alternative to traditional schooling, passionate and committed employees have the opportunity to shape the programming offered and the number of hours they work each week.


Hiring Process:

  1. Prior to applying, please read our Who We Are, Core Values, and the Wild Seeds Overview to check out our vibe and vision

  2. Complete the application and email us a copy of your resume at

  3. We encourage you to read through the Agile Learning Centers website and the Alliance for Self-Directed Education to gain more insights into the kind of facilitation we are seeking

  4. Wait for a response from our facilitator team

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