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TheDandelionProject.us is an intentional community around self-directed education, conscious + respectful parenting, transformation + liberation, and community care. 

Let’s build something beautiful together!

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Our work is rooted in the belief that people learn best when they are free to live self-chosen, passion-driven lives. Our experience shows us that self-directed learning thrives within a nurturing community of passionate people. TheDandelionProject.us creates community-driven access to a wide range of support and services for families of self-directing young people--made by and for the community.

Our Project Supports

Self-Directed Education Through:

PA Homeschool + Unschool Support Membership

[September 2021-June 2022]

Families can access year-round support from experienced educators, homeschool evaluators, and community members leading SDE spaces. This is a place for us to come together and do the work together around deschooling, healing and growing as parents, and showing up as conscious partners in our young peoples' lives. We will also center community growing experiences around racial equity and inclusion, environmental stewardship, and intentional community-building.

We hope you'll grow with us.

We share a simplified interpretation of PA homeschool requirements through an unschooling lens. We offer free homeschool info sessions + access to end-of-year evaluations with passionate, unschooling PA certified evaluators. 

Homeschool Information + End-of-Year Evaluations

SDE Tools + Resources

Our goal is to help make self-directed education more accessible to families by growing a community-crafted catalog of tools + resources + ideas that have helped us personally transform in this practice. Do you have something to share?

Learning Opportunities

We host learning opportunities where people of all ages can dive into some stuff together. Offerings are community-driven and available when community members have something to share. Do you have an idea for an offering?

We currently offer access to coaching from folks in the fields of homeschool special education and conscious parenting. Our coaches offer compassionate support for parents who are growing in respectful and trusting relationship with their children. Do you offer coaching services that could support our community?

Parent Support Coaching 

Wild School @ FDR Park is a part-time, nature-based, learning program for self-directing young people, ages 5-12, that focuses on cooperation, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving 


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Our Work is Grounded

in our

Core Values


Our collective curiosity, empathy, and sharing of wisdom, passion, and ways of growing will be our community's brilliance.

We hope you’ll grow with us!