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ABOUT Aftercare

Starting Fall 2023, we'll be offering Aftercare on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until 6pm in South Philly. A staff member will pick up young people from their school, and parents will pick them up from our building by 6pm. 

Aftercare begins on Monday, September 25, 2023 and runs through Friday, June 14, 2024. We request that families sign up for the whole year. We hope to be able to expand aftercare to Tuesdays and Thursdays as well, possibly starting as early as January 2024. 

We believe young people need more time and space and resources and support to explore their own interests and passions. Dandelion Aftercare will provide these kinds of opportunities to young people during after school hours. Rooted in care for ourselves, each other, and our environment, we'll focus on community building, creativity, and curiosity. Each day, we'll invite young people into fun experiences, activities, and trips in the neighborhood, and they'll have the choice to enjoy free play in our space. 

Our offerings will be driven by the wants and needs of the young people in our program. Some examples of the kinds of offerings we may have each day include:

  • Baking and cooking projects

  • Arts and crafts makerspace

  • Dramatic play

  • Movement and dance

  • Indoor and outdoor games

  • Walks around the neighborhood to visit parks or other establishments

  • Whatever kids dream up!

Facility Open Houses

We have building space at 9th/Reed that is currently under construction to prepare for the year ahead. Once our space is ready (likely June or July 2023), we'll host open houses for you to come see the space and meet some of our staff. Stay tuned!



Accessibility is important to us! Dandelion Aftercare is a three day/week program

and has a sliding tuition scale TBD


Aftercare is open to all Southwark Elementary School students and Wild Seeds' ALC families. To begin the registration process, please complete our Aftercare Enrollment form linked below and include your family's tuition offer. We'll review applications and reach out in early June to confirm enrollments.  We'll request a non-refundable one month tuition deposit to confirm aftercare enrollment.


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