Self-Directed Education

We trust that people learn best when they are free to live self-chosen, passion-driven lives. We want to build a community that sees, affirms, and supports the whole person where they're at today. In doing so, we reject the cultural norms of white supremacy, inequitable income distribution, environmental injustice, sexism, abelism and more.

Environmental Stewardship

Nature education provides endless opportunity for play, discovery, hands on learning, experimentation, problem solving, cooperation, and creativity. We want to to support our young people in deeply connecting with the natural world while empowering them to see and act on their responsibility and agency in shaping it.

Partnership Parenting

We believe that by respectfully supporting young people as they grow in their own path, we disrupt the earliest power imbalance. We can nourish the independent changemaker that lives in every free child instead of using coercive or power-over tactics and behaviors.


We envision a community that actively deconstructs and resists western colonial whiteness and is welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to all people. We see that education spaces often uphold oppressive systems that are particularly harmful for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). In order to disrupt those systems, we have to disrupt ourselves. We will do the work to be anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist, anti-ageist, and more. 

Our values guide our reflectioN and intention-setting and steer the direction of our programming