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Let's connect.

We love getting to know unschooling + homeschooling families through end of year evaluations!

Our virtual meetings are scheduled between April-June, and our registration schedule is released in January. 



What to expect

We provide virtual homeschool evaluations to families in districts across Pennsylvania. 

Last year we grew to serve families in over 150 school districts, supporting families who are leaning into child-led learning practices and those considering transitioning towards more child-led + unschooling practices in their homeschooling. All of our evaluators are certified educators and youth advocates. Our love and care for this work shines through each evaluation meeting; check out what our families have to say below!


Our evaluation process is grounded in the following beliefs:

  • The most valuable learning experiences are directed by the young person and supported by their community (family is community!).

  • Authentic learning looks many different ways depending on the young person, their interests and passions, and the life and experiences they are living.

  • Life is interdisciplinary and not always neatly organized into subjects.

  • Self-reflection practices that guide future intentions outweigh having an outsider come in to evaluate "how well" someone is learning and growing.

  • Unschoolers can simply meet PA homeschool legal requirements, and we are here to help!

The Process

Prior to the Eval meeting, families will submit a digital portfolio for each of their young people. The portfolio should include:

  • Attendance showing 180 days (a calendar with days checked off)

  • Reading log (a sampling of books, magazines, podcasts, youtube videos, audiobooks, and other media used for learning)

  • About 10 learning samples (pictures with descriptions work well!)

  • Standardized test score for young people in grades 3, 5, and 8.


During the Eval Meeting, young people and their caregiver will meet with a supportive evaluator with some of the following intentions:

  • Introduce and get to know each other a bit

  • Look at the portfolio together and talk about learning experiences; young people can share as much or as little as they feel comfortable

  • Some guided reflection on what went well, what was challenging, favorite experiences, etc.

  • Support in setting one new intention for the next homeschool year.

After the EVal meeting, we'll send your evaluation letter via email within 24 hours, and you'll submit it to your school district by June 30th (the annual deadline) to officially close your homeschool year. Don't forget to submit your beginning of the year paperwork for the following year--it is due to your district by August 1!

2023-24 Pricing

Accessibility is super important to us. Unfortunately, we do not have grant funding available for sliding scale pricing this year. If cost is a barrier, please reach out, and we will see if there is any donation funding available to help offset cost. 

Elementary: $60*

(meeting + evaluation letter)

Secondary: $75*

(meeting + evaluation letter + transcript support)

Graduation/Evaluator Signed Diploma: $100 

(meeting + transcript/portfolio review + evaluation letter + signed diploma)


*There is a 25% discount for siblings when you book evaluations together. Elementary and Secondary Evaluations are booked separately to ensure you meet with an evaluator able to support your needs.

Don't hesitate to reach out in the meantime at!



"As an unschooling family, evaluation season can be scary - Did we keep the right sort of records? Will all of our often-hidden work show through? Will the kids feel safe and encouraged? - but I was thrilled when I found the Dandelion Project, which really seems to cherish child-led learning. Hannah was patient and understanding with my questions before the evaluation, and Bethany made the kids feel at ease during our interview. Thank you so very much, and we look forward to sharing our journey with you again next year!"

"My kids really enjoyed their portfolio reviews this year! Lauren was curious about their interests and asked thoughtful questions which helped my introverted kids feel really comfortable and excited to share with her. Thank you for making it a lovely review!"


"I'll never use another evaluator or evaluation group -- yours is THE best! This is my second year using your services and each experience has been not only comfortable and enlightening, but I also felt very accepted in my chosen parenting/educating path. My student commented after this year's evaluation that she had FUN talking with the evaluator!! This group goes above and beyond to be friendly, knowlegable and accepting. I highly recommend to anyone looking for quality evaluation and homeschooling services."

"I absolutely appreciate what you have created. This platform is a true blessing to our family. The ease, its simple, inspiring and empowering."

"We had such a great experience, our kiddo immediately connected with Teresa and opened up, and had a blast. He couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards. Thank you thank you!"


"We were so happy to work with Bethany for our evaluation this year! Our daughter loved sharing her highlights of her education this year. Bethany was very receptive, encouraging and curious about all we presented. She asked questions that showed she really cared about our daughter’s learning! This made our girl feel confident and excited to talk and present all about her learning! A very positive experience! We would highly recommend."

"The homeschool journey is joyous and sometimes challenging. It's a juggle with many moving parts. The evaluation was easy, accessible, fun, and celebratory. Hannah was amazing and put both my daughter and I at ease. The session was above and beyond my greatest hopes and expectations."

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