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Building meaningful community and connection amongst homeschooling and unschooling families in Philadelphia and beyond!

The Dandelion Project is inspired to connect and support homeschooling and unschooling families a variety of ways. Our newest creation is the Dandelion Homeschool Membership, which will cooperatively connect to enrich our homeschooling and unschooling experiences along with other families in the Philadelphia area. This membership is for families who want to build stronger connections with other families, learning and growing together.


Registration begins June 2024. Membership runs until May 2025, with most offerings scheduled on Thursdays.

What's included:

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Free Monthly Field Trips + Family Gatherings

Every month, we'll host at least one free field trip or family gathering on a Thursday for families to explore our city and build community. Trips will include things like visits to nature centers, hikes and bird watches, mural walks, art experiences, and more! 

Family gatherings will include things like park picnics, board game meetups, potlucks and other open ended experiences that make space for connection!


Calendar of City-Wide Homeschool Activities

Philly has abundant resources and opportunities for homeschooling families, and we'll do the leg work of compiling them into one place. Families will have access to our calendar of opportunities and will be invited to add to it.

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Free Virtual Workshops + Print Resources

We want to help make homeschooling in PA as simple and straight forward as possible. We'll offer free workshops like: Homeschooling 101, Special Ed in Homeschooling, Homeschooling High School, Portfolio/End of Year Evaluation, and Q&A Session(s) with an Evaluator.

Every workshop will have a handout and recordings will be made available for the duration of membership.


Cooperative Weekly Field Trips

Families will take turns planning Thursday field trips for the collective, tapping into their own passions, perspectives, backgrounds, and connections to help enrich the Membership experience. These field trips may have a cost associated.

We'll schedule all the field trips from September-October, and families will sign up for days starting in November. Each family is responsible for planning at least 1 field trip.


Weekly Newsletter, Discounts, and Priority Scheduling!

To help you stay on top of everything going on, we'll send you a weekly newsletter with the upcoming field trips, meetups, workshops and events. Members will also receive discounts on TDP workshops, building space rentals, and classes. 

Members will also get priority scheduling and discounts on end of year homeschool evaluations with our dedicated and loving evaluation team!


Slack Family Communication Platform

Membership will have a designated Slack space to share announcements, connect with other families, share photos, schedule informal meetups, and chat about membership experiences, and more. We'll collectively decide how to use our communication platform.

We encourage and support families in building meaningful connections within and beyond what the membership has to offer!

Membership registration and website will be available summer of 2024, and the membership will run from September 2024 to May 2025. 

Annual Membership dues: $300 per family


School Year Membership



Membership ends May 31, 2025.

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