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Seeds ALC


24-25 Admissions Process

* We are currently accepting WAITLIST only applications for the 2024-25 unschool year *

  1. Take time to read our About + Core Values + Wild Seeds Overview

  2. Families are strongly encouraged to attend an Open House, Info Session, or watch our Info Session recording (below) before completing the application

  3. Complete the student application

  4. A co-director will reach out to schedule a family enrollment meeting

  5. We are prioritizing the applications of Black, Brown, Indigenous youth, queer youth, youth already connected to our programs in some way, and youth who are part of our older age group

  6. All enrollment invitations will be made by the end of May

  7. Upon invitation to enroll, families will be encouraged to schedule a trial day (fee $70) or trial week (fee $210) to get a fuller sense of our program before fully enrolling

  8. To confirm enrollment, families are asked to pay the last month's tuition + activity fee

  9. First month's tuition will be billed during the first month of participation

Info Session

We encourage any families interested in completing the application for Wild Seeds ALC enrollment to watch our Info Session Recording. This recording is from 11/02/23.

TUItion + fees

We are forever balancing the reality of our tuition-centered budget (for now!) with our commitment to equity and access. We are committed to serving families from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and have never turned a family away for financial reasons. Our trust-based sliding scale tuition aims to meet families where they are financially.

The true cost of our program is $794/kid per month

We trust families to make tuition offers that both fit their budget and support the health and longevity of our program.  On each young person's application, families are asked to make a generous and sustainable offer. In some circumstances, our budget may require us to provide a counteroffer. We are also open to mutual aid bartering arrangements; let's talk about what's possible.

  • Program Schedule:Our program runs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 9am-3pm. Families can choose a fulltime schedule or 1-2 day options on Mondays and Wednesdays.

  • Monthly Sliding Scale Tuition:

    • 1 day/week of enrollment: $160-$600 per month

    • 2 days/week of enrollment: $320-$1200 per month

    • 3 days/week of enrollment: $480-$1800 per month

    • Don't let tuition be a barrier, we've never turned away an aligned family for financial reasons and can often access additional financial support.

  • Trial Days/Week: $70 per day (Trial Week = $210)

  • Annual Activity Fee for Day Program: $50-150 (depending on number of days enrolled)

  • Application Fee: $5-25 (payable via PayPal or Venmo)

  • Aftercare available ($37/day)

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