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Cardboard Academy!

Welcome to Cardboard Academy, where we design worlds out of the recycling bin! The materials to create are all around you. Join teaching artist, Miss Sarah, on a journey to investigate different topics through imaginative construction projects. Our goal goes beyond learning to think outside the box, instead, discover how to take the box apart and build something new!


Class 1:  An Introductory Lesson (16 minutes)

Begin the journey with this overview that includes a description of materials, tools, and safety tips. This class will discuss how to manipulate cardboard effectively and will culminate in a project that explores a variety of attachment techniques.


Class 2: Unboxing Ecosystems (11 minutes)

In this lesson we explore science and nature. What are ecosystems and where can you find them? Investigate the different categories of ecosystems and discover ways to imagine your own. Create a cardboard ecosystem diorama!


Class 3: Cardboard Printshop (15 minutes)

This lesson is all about printmaking! Learn the history of the artform and meet some of the masters. Then, explore how to manipulate different kinds of cardboard to achieve texture and use those textures to create a variety of printed patterns.


Class 4: Cardbortraits! (18 minutes)

We will take from all that we have learned working with cardboard to create a unique self-portrait that goes deeper than most. Explore deep within and use our materials to communicate things we feel inside through our artistic choices.


Each purchase includes a PDF with unlimited access to all four class videos. Classes intended for kids ages 4-7 with grown up support and 8+ for independent exploring. Sharing or selling of any digital content is a violation of our copyright and is strictly prohibited.


Let's dig into our recycling bin and start creating!

Cardboard Academy!

  • You'll receive a PDF with links to all four of the class videos--stored on a private YouTube channel. You can access these videos anytime!

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