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Tuition + fees

At Wild Seeds, we believe that equitable access should be one of the primary goals of community-driven education programs. 
We are committed to serving families from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Our sliding scale tuition aims to meet families where they are financially.

Program Details

Program Schedule: Wednesdays + Fridays, 9am-3pm

Monthly Tuition: $200-$1000

Annual Activity Fee: $170

Application Fee: $25

Tuition Determination

We trust our families to make tuition contributions that both fit their budget and support the health and longevity of the program. Currently, Wild Seeds is primarily funded through tuition paid by participating families. On each young person's application, families are asked to make a generous and sustainable offer. Wild Seeds will review the offer always with the goal of accepting it. In some circumstances, our budget may require us to provide a counteroffer.

Payment Schedule

Upon enrollment acceptance to Wild Seeds, families are asked to pay the last month of tuition and the annual activity fee as the final step in the admissions process. The first month of tuition is due August 15th

Equity Fund

Wild Seeds fundraising supports our sliding scale through our equity fund.  Donations to the equity fund make Wild Seeds accessible to even more families and increase our ability to offer additional programs. Please consider donating!  


In addition, individual families can choose to “overpay” their tuition by a certain amount each month to contribute to the Wild Seeds equity fund. For example, a family might overpay their tuition by $20 or $200 per month beyond their tuition as a way to drive equitable distribution of wealth in our community.

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