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Simple curiosities are always welcome via Contact Us and email at If you want a deeper dive, we offer monthly zoom meetups and a variety of scheduled zoom call offerings. 


TDP FREE Monthly Unschooling Zoom Meetup: This is a new offering. Let's co-create a monthly meetup where folks can talk about unschooling, unlearning, partnership, connection, boundaries, conflicts, all the things that make this work so hard and so transformative. These free community calls are open to anyone exploring unschooling and seeking to deepen their understanding and practice. 

Need more focused support?

Schedule a zoom meetup with us to talk about:


PA Homeschooling Basics:  Let's chat about all the things you need to know to stay compliant with PA Homeschool Law. We can talk about setting up your homeschool, portfolios, end of year evaluations, diploma options, graduation requirements, whatever else you are curious about!


PA Homeschooling Basics + Special Education: Let's chat about special education rights and requirements in homeschooling. 


Special Education Learning Objective Approval:  Let's chat about your young person's learning objectives and get them approved for homeschool registration.


Cultivating Unschooling Practices for Families: Let's chat about unschooling in a family community, creating structure in the unstructure, intention/reflection, boundaries, boredom, play, all of it! 


Cultivating Unschooling Practices in Educational Settings: Let's chat about learning in your community and explore possibilities for growing more unschooling practices.


Reach out to us at with any questions you have before scheduling a call. 

Let's Chat services are $50 for 30 minutes of dialogue and support. Accessibility is important to us. If our fee is not within your budget, we encourage you to use our sliding scale coupon codes when booking. SLIDE10 for $10 off and SLIDE25 for $25 off