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Simple curiosities are always welcome via Contact Us. If you want a deeper dive, we offer Free Monthly Zoom Meetups for unschooling families as well as Let's Chat Coaching Services. 


Monthly Unschooling Zoom Meetups: Every month from Nov 2023-May 2024, we'll be offering a Free Zoom Meetup for any interested family in the Dandelion community. While these conversations center unschooling, families are not required to be experienced in unschooling before participating. The intention is for us to gather around important unschooling topics and explore them together in caring and supportive ways. Please RSVP below to let us know you are coming!

23-24 Monthly Unschooling Call Topics Calendar:

MON. NOV 27, 2023 (7-8pm EST): Agreements/ Limits/

Boundaries in Unschooling

MON. DEC 18, 2023 (7-8pm EST): Community Core Values

in Action

MON. JAN 22, 2024 (7-8pm EST): Using Family Core Values

as Our Unschooling Guide

MON. FEB 26, 2024 (7-8pm EST): Deschooling-- What Do We

Need to Learn and Unlearn? What Does Deschooling Look Like in Practice?

MON. MAR 25, 2024 (7-8pm EST): Expressions of Power (Part 1)

MON. APR 22, 2024 (7-8pm EST): Acknowledging and Shifting

Power (Part 2--builds, but Part 1 is not required for attendance)

MON. MAY 20, 2024 (7-8pm EST): Power in Play

Donation Invitation: Monthly calls are free and open to the public! Our facilitators donate their time and wisdom because connection and community building matter in growing the unschooling movement. If you are interested in supporting us in paying our facilitators and making our services more accessible, please consider making a donation via PayPal ( or Venmo (@TheDandelionProject). Your support helps us do more of this work!

Let's Chat

Coaching Services

Schedule a zoom meetup with us for

more focused and personalized support!

Let's Chat:  Need some support in cultivating or designing unschooling practices with your family? Need some help to better understand PA Homeschool laws and requirements and how they pertain to your family's unique situation? Schedule a chat with an unschooling evaluator/facilitator. You'll bring the questions, curiosities, worries, and fears, and we'll bring a compassionate listening ear and lots of wisdom and ideas to share. 





Accessibility is super important to us! If our fees are not within your family's budget, please reach out at, and we will do our best to accommodate you!



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