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We are here for you!

Simple curiosities are always welcome via Contact Us and email at If you want a deeper dive, we offer free monthly zoom meetups and a variety of scheduled zoom call offerings. 



Monthly Unschooling Zoom Meetup: This is a new offering. Let's co-create a monthly meetup where folks can talk about unschooling, unlearning, partnership, connection, boundaries, conflicts, all the things that make this work so hard and so transformative. These free community calls are open to anyone exploring unschooling and seeking to deepen their understanding and practice.

Monthly Ask Me Anything Homeschool Support Zoom: This monthly support call is for homeschooling families who have questions, worries, or concerns about homeschooling requirements in PA. We can talk about elementary, secondary, graduation/diplomas, paperwork, portfolios, evaluations, learning objectives, really anything you are curious about. Bring your questions, and we'll bring our experience! 

Need more focused support?

Schedule a zoom meetup with us!


Let's Chat (30-60 minutes):  Need some support in cultivating unschooling practices with your family? Need some help to better understand PA Homeschool laws and requirements? Schedule a chat with an unschooling evaluator/facilitator. You'll bring the questions, curiosities, worries, and fears, and we'll bring a compassionate listening ear and lots of wisdom and ideas to share. $50 for 30 min/ $100 for 60 min.


Accessibility is super important to us! Our payment system doesn't allow a sliding scale*, so we have coupon codes this year, hoping that families with more will pay more, thus enabling us to offer free and lower cost opportunities for those who need them.

  • SLIDE100 (free service): for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. 25 spots.

  • SLIDE60 (60% off service): for those who're low income, no savings, have minimal expendable income each month, and who couldn't otherwise afford the service without this option.

  • SLIDE30 (30% off service): for those who are low to mid-income, with some money in savings and/or financial support from family; has some expendable income each month.

  • Full price (no coupon code use): for those who're mid- to high- income/stably employed, with savings and/or financial safety net; can afford to take vacations and make other large purchases with relative ease.

  • Donation Invitation: for those who're upper class and/or have benefited from intergenerational wealth. If you care about helping to make our services more accessible to lower income families, please consider making a donation to our equity fund on PayPal ( or Venmo (@TheDandelionProject).

((Sliding scale language inspired by Margeaux Feldman at

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